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Two Special Days

Know the two special days to welcome the lifelong happiness into your life

With the rapidly changing lifestyles and routines getting chaotic in the modern era, both men and women struggle to balance their intimacy with their travel plans, daily hectic work schedules and the unending work pressure. Amidst all this, couples rarely get a chance to spend quality time with each other as their routine schedules take high priority and their personal intimate life turns to a back seat. Not all this may be due to one’s choice, but due to the hectic pace of life.

Moreover, late marriages and postponement of the decision to start a family are some of the trends seen to be increasing nowadays among young couples. These all factors together combine together and lead to a delay in pregnancy. Once you decide to start a family, a further delay could lead to the increase in stress and frustration levels in the couples. The social pressure is the additional factor.

What is the effective solution for couples in such sensitive and emotional moments?

Couples look for effective tools that can help them plan pregnancy in such emotional moments. Each month, there are two special days where the fertility levels are at their maximum levels. If the couple knows about these 2 days, they can plan their intimate moments accordingly the fertile window. This thereby increases the chances of a successful conception.

What is actually special about these two most fertile days?

Knowledge of these 2 days has a tremendous significance towards a fruitful pregnancy. The wonderful opportunity comes when the ovary produces an egg ever month. For one to be pregnant, the fertilization process should take place within the next 48 hours. These 2 days (48 hours) have the most critical significance in planning pregnancy. Therefore, if you wish to conceive, ensure that you do not miss these two important days, due to your hectic schedules, negligence or any other lame reason.

How does ‘Pregaplan’ help?

Pregaplan is a ‘one-step-ovulation-test’ kit that is the most reliable, convenient and easy-to-use to determine those two special days with almost cent percent accuracy.
It is beneficial to know beforehand about the two best days, in a much more scientific and sure way. This will also relieve you from the long delay and anxiety of an unsuccessful impregnation. What more that will accompany will be the unmatched joy of a new life, coming into your life.

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